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How many plastic bottles do we produce?

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Studio Birthplace and MethodnMadness
CG Production
Jun 2021


IMAGINE DROWNING UNDER 1 MILLION PLASTIC BOTTLES. That is the number humanity produces every single minute. Can't visualize it? We actualized it.


With StudioBirthplace, we wanted to bring a new level of awareness in a way that a number or statistic alone could never do. We also wanted the film to educate and entertain; to bring to life the unimaginable.

Set in a 1960s American suburbian test site that is populated with plastic test dummies, the film unleashes 20,000 bottles per second that crash onto the unknowing cast of dummies. The suburban paradise is quickly flooded, revealing the terrifying scale and rate at which we pollute our planet.


We began the process by conducting tests to ensure that we could simulate the amount of required geo and started to build a pipeline around the whole project process from modeling, simulation, online rendering all the way to compositing and final delivery. Once we knew we had the tech and process in place, we focused on building the suburban test site along with the dummies. To complete the picture, we posed and framed scenes reminiscent of 1960’s ads, creating a sense of warped nostalgia of the "good old days." It is through Humanity’s Impact that we solidified our virtual camera production technology and also were able to handle terabytes of data with our global team.



Take a quick scroll through our before and afters to catch a glimpse of the method that led to the madness

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To be able to understand our own consumption behavior better, Studio Birthplace partnered with Superposition to release the augmented reality app Humanity's Impact to help users relate to consumption-related data on an even more personal level. For example, users can drop 20,000 bottles into their own kitchen or bedroom, pledge to reduce their own plastic use, track their progress, take a photo with their data and share it on social media to motivate others to take part. The app is available for free right now on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.


The film had a Call To Action from Plastic Pollution Coalition as well as support from them and Plastic Oceans, Plant Based News. It was also subsidised by Creative Industries Fund NL. Anyone who watches is literally disgusted and in awe at the same time, creating hype and conversation around a topic that needs our attention and, more importantly, our action.


Have a look at some of our dummies.


Thank you, to all whom we've crossed paths with on this magnificient work.

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CG Production → Method N Madness™️

Executive Producer → Tan Wen Hao

CG Director → Alex Scollay

Producer → Christian Fontaine

CG Artist → Huzaifi Razali, Abdul Rahman

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Production → Studio Birthplace

Directors → Jorik Dozy, Sil Van Der Woerd

Producer → Sean Lin