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CG and Film Production
Dec 2020


What’s next? The next edge. The next advantage. The next big win. So whilst we show you what’s Next, the real question is what will you do next with It?


MNM™️ created a hybrid brand film/product trailer to announce the arrival of the next generation of gaming. Crafted based on the concept of “Next”. The search for what’s next - it is what Gamers and Razer both have in common. We are all in pursuit of greatness.

 On the surface, what starts out as traditional yet legendary Razer peripherals that we know, quickly turns into a beat dropping, mind-bending, gravity-defying evolution of gaming in the next wave. Because what's next is already here.


Mixing live-action, VFX and fully CG shots, it allowed our directors to not compromise on the creative vision. Building elaborate sets with incredible realism, we were able to imagine a world that could match up to the aggressive nature that Razer owns. Scenes like the opening shot and the gaming switch test shot would have been a big challenge financially, if taken on practically. Having an array of options allowed us to tackle each shot in the most efficient manner that would deliver maximum impact. Virtual camera systems were used along with our film approach towards CG shots to fuse both worlds into one; with scenes so realistic, we have been asked for the physical location. Yea, nah.



As we needed the shots to retain their cinematic look. Attention to every detail from modeling to shading and texturing coupled with our virtual camera production technology. Picking anamorphic lencing with realistic film grain for that final touch

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The launch campaign saw the release of one lead brand video featuring all three products along with individual videos and their own scripts. Collectively, we garnered over 6 million views and brought the wireless gaming evolution to the next level.


Do check out the Making of that brings you on a brief glimpse of our methods


Thank you, to all whom we've crossed paths with on this magnificient work.

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CG Production → Method N Madness™️

Creative Director → Tan Wen Hao

Director → Jac Min, Tan Wen Hao

Director of Photography → Joel Heng

Motion Design Lead → Daniel Lee

Producers → Christian Fontaine , Shafna

Writers → Jac Min, Sean Lee

/// 02

CG Supervisor → Alex Scollay

CG Artist → Abdul Rahman , Huzaifi Razali , Zheng Jie , Bosko Ognjevic , Tan Ya Ting , Benjamin Woo

VFX Artist → Rappy Cheng

Motion Graphic Artist → Akshya Dalmia

Storyboarding Artist → Jeneieve Ho

Colour → Eugene Seah (Chop Shop Post)

/// 03

Audio → Fuse Adventures in Sound

Composer → Jon Daou

Gaffer → Haikal Ismail

Props Master → Norman Aloysius

Offline → Lung Nok Wan, Wong King Lam


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