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CG and Film Production
Sept 2022


The Samurai and Ninja have arrived in Singapore! Bringing with them their signature burgers to the masses. Leave no room for regrets and honour your appetites with the Samurai & Ninja Burgers.


McDonald's Samurai Ninja Burgers are all-time favorites and we aim to create a teaser that would live up to their name. Partnering up with Semicolon, we wanted to go beyond the typical advert. With a meld of both CG and Film Production, we sought out to meet the hype by incorporating CG space into reality. With our expertise we brought the Samurai and Ninja into the real world which makes for a striking and unique experience.


The application of both CG and Film allowed us to have our own spin on the work, giving us more creative flexibility. With the help of our team’s capabilities, we were able to achieve a balance where CG is integrated alongside real life characters. Through the use of practical effects that help sell impression CG and live-action interactions, to precise production pipeline that enhances the team's capabilities. Maya for modeling, Substance Painter for textures, NukeX for compositing, Houdini for VFX and Davinci Resolve for colour grading.



We created their design from scratch, molding their looks to fit their personality. Samurai's bold and passionate character shines through in his striking red and gold armor. While Ninja's mischivous traits are enchanced by the use of rope climbs and smoke bombs. Accompanied with robust voice lines makes them distinctly eye-catching.

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The slogan "Honour Your Appetite" expresses a calling for people to satisfy themselves, and we wanted to embed that same energy into the work. We reinforced scenes with compelling VFX and SFX that heightens their expressions. Making the teaser an action-packed introduction to catch the audience's attention.


What are you waiting for Ken-san!? Take a look at how we honoured your appetite


Thank you, to all whom we've crossed paths with on this magnificient work.

/// 01

CG Production → Method N Madness™️

Executive Producer/ CG Director→ Tan Wen Hao

CG Producer → Christian Fontaine

Animation Lead → Lucio Mennillo

Animation → Jaikumar Balasubramanian

Concept Art → Francesco Querin

CG Modeler → Arianna Querin

CG Generalist → Huzaifi Razali, Hisham Taufik, Chetan Walia, Zheng Jie

/// 02

Production → Semicolon

Director → Jac Min, Daniel Lee

Assistant Director → Tan Jiayu

Executive Producer → Michelle Yap

Assistant Producer → Joanna Teo

Art Director → Chris Koh

Director of Photography → Shyan Tan

Gaffer → Benjamin Ong

Offline → Siti Khairunnisa

Colour → Eugene Seah (The Chop Shop Post)

Online → Daniel Lee, Sandy Mui

Audio → Fuse

/// 03

Casting → Hello Group

Wardobe Stylist → Sharon Tan

Hair+Make-up → Casey Ling


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