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Nov 2022


“Your search has not gone unnoticed. They have a name for the kind of you, Seeker. Follow the trail, but make sure you don’t get lost.” - Digits Agents


The brand’s air of edgy, mysterious exclusivity almost demanded us to craft a trailer that worked off the mechanisms of intrigue - to leave riddles for audiences than provide answers for enough interest to be piqued that would then generate an active search on our viewer’s end. This participatory search created a perfect parallel with the themes of the brand’s NFTs that functioned beyond the viewing experience of the film itself. Leaning into that, we found inspiration in the real-world internet scavenger hunt of Cicada 3301. And borrowing the tropes of the film noir and cyberpunk genres, we sought to create a visual tone poem that attempted to evoke the universal human experiences of searching, discovery and belonging.


Broadly broken down into 3 acts of The Search, The Discovery and The Initiation, we wanted to bring together the analogue and digital worlds of the physical + real world of the search, with the new, post-initiated, virtual, discovered one. To that end, it seemed natural to use conventional, live action processes to describe the former. Accentuated, of course, by hints of invisible visual effects that adhered strictly to an aesthetic that spoke of tactile physicality. Meanwhile, our visual effects sequences were reserved to paint the latter, while also being careful not to detract from the visual tropes of the cyberpunk genre - there was an intentional avoidance of sleek, sterile science fiction aesthetics in favor of a used reality.To that end, motion capture technology was employed to imbue our CGI characters with that same tactile quality our live action scenes brought to the film, while their designs and renders were intentionally counterpointed with a subtle, plastic veneer suggestive of a virtual world.



Given Digits’ image of a sleek, mysterious organization, we at MNM™️ wanted a world the audience could be immersed in. From riddles and hints to be explored through the digital realm of QR codes and ciphers, to the whole aesthetic of film noir blended with cyberpunk. All these elements amount to drawing the curiosity and excitement of uncovering out from our audience.

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Our approaches towards the VFX were that to a movie, yet ensuring that the "digitalness" was maintained, such that the viewer would for a brief moment do a double take, of what is real and what is digital. From motion capture suits, real world facial capture, and cloth and motion sims, we applied a skin tone which was similar yet imperfect.


Keep your eyes peeled, take a look how we helped the Agents reach you


Thank you, to all whom we've crossed paths with on this magnificient work.

/// 01

CG Production → Method N Madness™️

Writer/ Director→ Tan Wen Hao

Executive Producer → Terence Ng

CG Director → Alex Scollay

FX Artist → Huzalfi Razail, Renger Tan

Online → Method N Madness™️

/// 02

Production → Semicolon

Writer/ Director → Jac Min

Producer → Michelle Yap

Assistant Producer → Joanna Teo

Director of Photography → Adrian Tan

Gaffer → Ben Ong

Offline → Jac Min

Colour → Eugene Seah

/// 03

Casting → Hello Group

Art Director → Chris Koh

Audio → Fuse


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